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About Dr. Vicky


Dr Vicky has been practising as a licensed naturopathic doctor since 2006. She founded Agape Natural Wellness Centre Inc, right after graduating from the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine. She is also part of the first group of naturopathic physicians to receive prescriptive authority in 2010, which allows NDs to write pharmaceutical prescriptions for their patients.

In 2012 after 8 successful years of practice in the heart of Kitsilano in Vancouver, Dr. Vicky decided to take her most favourite naturopathic governing principle, ‘Docere – Doctor as Teacher’ to a whole new level and open a school. Yes, you heard us right. 

After almost a year and half of grueling preparations to meet ministry regulations, Dr. Vicky opened the Kelowna branch of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition
 which welcomed its inaugural morning and evening classes in September 2013. Dr. Vicky taught Chemistry, Pathology, Allergies, Business courses and Case Study practicals to her students in 2013 and 2014. In order to focus on her patients, Dr Vicky has handpicked an excellent teaching faculty for the students of CSNN Kelowna.

As a mother, Dr. Vicky is well aware of the daily stresses that an entrepreneur, a professional and a parent deals with. If anyone is going to understand you, it’ll be her! 

Presently, she is creating an online wellness coaching program and is working on her first book. In her free time, Dr. Vicky is discovering the many treasures that the Okanagan has to be offer.